6:24 am, May 29, 2015

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  • FederalNewsRadio.com - please post transcripts of audio articles (such as this one, "Tips to retaining a talented workforce"
    Some of us are hard of hearing, and it is very difficult to hear these audio clips. It would be extrememly helpful if you would also post a WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT of the session. Please consider doing this, so we can all get the most out of this great site. Thank you, AJH
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  • Give the workers the tools that they need
    JR Samples
    This is one of the most important things in job satisfaction. We depend on many industry documents in order to do our work. Often when we need a new (or additional) document, it takes 6 months or a year (often more) to obtain a copy because funds are not available. We sometimes have to beg industry to provide us a photocopy, which is in violation of copyright laws. With telecommuting, we need either individual copies or a license so that we can view the documents online. We wind up making illegal paper copies just to get the job done. Training has been a joke. What we are usually offered are courses like time management, instead of training to enhance the technical knowledge needed to perform the job. Travel funds are extremely limited, yet we need to go to industry meetings in order to help prepare industry documents to make sure the agency position is included, and to keep up with the state of the art. When you look at the big picture, paying for employees to attend these industry meetings is much cheaper than paying for short courses; the employee learns more; and the employee is able to build a circle of contacts in the industry in case questions should arise. I know of many employees who have left because we could not get the tools to do our job properly.
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  • This information is only needed by business school graduates.
    Business schools teaching includes payroll as a company's biggest expense, among other lies. However, without payroll there's no production, and no business. Unless, of course, they're proposing slave labor. In reality, payroll is a company's biggest, and most important investment. If your average business owner treated his securities portfolio the way he treats his payroll investment, he would starve in the gutter in about 6 months. A year max. Payroll means people. They are gathering the raw materials, creating the goods and/or services, & selling them. They are not entries in a ledger, commodities to be traded, or resources to be exploited. They are human beings, and treated as such, will respond in kind. Anyone who fails to recognize this should leave HR (human resource) functions to the experts, like in a union. Sooner or later, you get what you deserve.
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