10:42 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Size of Intelligence Community
    The Biggest Problem with Intelligence in America is the Redundancy Problem. Too many different agencies all dealing with the same issues. On 9/11 we were struck, not because good people were not informed, but because Good People were ignored. Three FBI agents, in Arizona, Minnesota and New York were trying Very Hard to alert the Government that these "pilot trainees" were planning something wicked, and they were Ignored! So, instead of Finding Out WHY they were ignored, we decided Instead to Create a Giant New Bureaucracy called Homeland Security, and combine numerous other Non Terror Investigating agencies into it?, and now we have WAY Too Much overlapping Intelligence Expenditures going on Every Year! We Simply can't AFFORD it all! We need a Streamlined, Efficient Intelligence Operational Structure that Red Lights Useful Threat Information straight to the top. For all I know, we HAVE it at this point. But we can Surely reduce Taxpayer Funding of Intelligence to SOME extent, without Hurting our Discovery Capability.
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