8:34 am, May 29, 2015

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  • My agency will STILL never be on board with telework
    Lisa Lisa
    The bill is pretty. Comes in a pretty box. Nice bow. Thanks for thinking of me. But that Telework bill really doesnt force the hand. It doesnt say, you HAVE to do it and if you dont, you need to provide a detailed reason why it wont work. EVERY agency that wont do it is going to provide the same one liner-just pick one: Employees work requires them to be on site or that they dont have enough manpower to do it. The agencies/departments are not going to work that hard to REALLY make it work because the bill doesnt force the hand enough. Some wont do it because part of their departments cant do it because they do literally support building ops like maintenance and mechanics. In my quasi agcy they already stripped those guys of CWS so they certainly wont be on board with providing telework to the rest of us. Talk about a blow to morale. But hey, they dont care. Of course they are too dumb to realize that they cant keep workers-its like a revolving door. I guess I will just be like that doggy in the window looking out at all of the other pretty agencies that thrive in providing the latest in working environments and incentives while. At the end of the day, I will still give my 200% because I have pride in my work-but it would be nice to get work done without interruption once in a while and would have been nice to save gas money and wear and tear on my car (we dont have a very good commuting option where I live)
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