6:32 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Apples to Oranges
    Lisa Lisa
    I really hate polls and these ridiculous analysis. First of all, you have to chose an answer already layed out (A, B, C or D). There are no variables. There are no essays to substantiate or explain. Anyone can make a point they want by controlling a series of optional answers. This is not new. That being said ground work or a baseline of variables should be stated upfront and should be stated such as the fed gov is NOT for profit. The fed gov by virtue of its red tape and layers of scrutinity takes that much longer for things to be accomplished and unfortunately, requires staffing unlike the civilian workforce to support those many many extra steps. DoD spent a FORTUNE..and I mean ..A FORTUNE on NSPS and it was a monumental disaster of biblical proportions. The taxpayer had NO idea how much was dumped in to this program. If they knew the REAL amount (including exhuberant civilian commercial rent spaces paid to contractors and their undeliverable and unmeasurable failures to execute the program), the taxpayers would have axed it. The estimate in costs to switch from GS to NSPS was WAY off. But funny how the public never really heard much about those costs. It was almost really purposefully squashed from the media. It didnt get the attention it should have. So now DoD was forced to axe the program and good riddens I say. It was all too time consuming for supervisors and the workers. We spent months getting prepped for our mid and end of year assessments and all the while, real work wasnt getting accomplished. It would have been easier to tweek the GS that to come up with something different from the rest of govt. All agencies should be in the same program. Its insane to me that there is no uniformity-not only on pay, but in contracting requirements, forms, all of it. Its so silly and redundant. I digressed..sorry. When I was in the AF how you got promoted was that your time in service had a point merit, you had to test and so that score had merit, your annual evals had merit and also, you had to meet in front of a board. The GS should remain, but maybe some added features. Stop spending money on coming up with a new way and just tweek whats there. Save the taxpayers (I am a fed worker and taxpayer thank you very much) some money and stop playing to these yum yums. See, this is what chaps me. You have these people that say "WELL THIS ISNT WORKING! WE NEED TO REVAMP A WHOLE NEW PROGRAM! LOOK TAXPAYERS, LOOK HOW MUCH WE WOULD SAVE!" Its not true, you dont save a dime, just look at DoD's official cost and dont forget to really look at the other expenses that they didnt include and taxpayers dont save a dime. We are in a recession, really? Is it necessary to yap about this..now? Come on..does anyone have common sense here?
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