4:00 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Let's not turn Amtrak into another venue for Security Theater
    I used to like Amtrak. You'd show up a couple minutes before the train left, get on, and enjoy a relaxing trip. But on my most recent Amtrak trip from Union Station, I noticed that Amtrak has decided to turn itself into more of an airline experience: bottle all the passengers up at an airport style "boarding gate", have a rude drill-sergeant-ish "gate attendant" summon each class of passengers one group at a time. It's totally gratuitous. It's ludicrous aping of the airline model, despite ample European evidence (and over a century of American tradition) that you really don't need to do that. If TSA-style security checkpoints and get-there-an-hour-early-to-be-searched hassles are instituted, there truly will no longer be a reason to take Amtrak.
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