7:40 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Say What?
    Figures that it would be an attorney answer! What a bunch of gobbly-gook! From the article: ..."Roth said there are some questions being raised now on blogs. "They were saying, 'look, the government just spent a gazillion billion dollars bailing out really irresponsible banks, run by very irresponsible people, but yet they got taxpayer dollars. How come these people can't keep their jobs?" In the end, Roth said the decision is simple to understand: "it's just about a pattern of good judgment, responsibility,(and) abidance by the rules. They're looking for people who will handle other people's money with responsibility." Really? It's okay to bail out the dirtbags that sent this economy in a tailspin but it's easy to understand the decision to fire the DFAS employees? What a bunch of jabberwocky! Having adjudicated clearances, it IS a case-by-case basis that depends on circumstances, etc...particularly in finances and especially today with the losy economic situation! I had an individual who couldn't balance his/her personal checkbook but had a proven track record with handing official funds, etc...why? Who the heck knows but my decision was based on the WORK performance of handling the finances NOT totally based on PERSONAL handling. So, NO Ms Roth, it is NOT easy to understand!
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  • Get your facts right before you speak. Stupid Lawyer
    These are the facts. There were no rules in place for these employees having debt or paying their bills until 2005. This was a new rule put in place at was taken from the Patriot Act. Congress voted on this act to fight terror; however DFAS used this law against its employees. Next they had them fill out a 10 page form that was used to trick them into answering questions about thier credit and mental health. Next they would deny their access to systems because they claim the employee lied on the application. However it was not a lie, but not knowing how to answer the question. Example: Going back 7 years do you have any debt more than 180 days past due? The employee answers: No DFAS goes back 10 years and tells the employee we cannot trust you because you lied on your application, or if the employee had no knowledge that their credit report has a bill $72 "not their debt" on their credit report is also a conduct issue because they are accused of lying. There are also a few cases where the employee paid all of their debt and was told, you took too long to pay. It took the single mother of 3 making 28K annually two years to pay, but she paid. However she was still fired. Her job was to answer the phone as a customer service rep. Where is the security risk? In fact if you keep up with this story, first DFAS claims the employees were a national security risk, once the congress people got involved, not its about the employee selling peoples information. Common America this is nonsense. Most people that are involved in white collar crimes have very good credit. These people need their jobs. Give me a break, DFAS has been trying to close the Cleveland office since the Brac and when they gave a function away for 60 mil private contracts for to a friend of the director. This bigger than what all you haters and judge mentalist could ever know. So be careful, because you could be next or someone you are close. DFAS claims to have offer assistance to these people, however they did not. There was no assistance and not offer to give them time to get things in order. There was a series of meetings 5 years ago about the process and the next thing we know people are being fired. Not fair! DFAS changed the rules and didn’t give these people time to fix their issues. There are some that were given waivers. No criteria on who or how to get a waiver. Lastly congress implemented the Hatch of 1994 that would allow military member and civilian employee’s income to be garnished for unpaid debt. DFAS has a very large garnishment department where all they do is garnish wages for all types of debt. If a creditor has a valid claim they will get their money. So where is the threat of these employees stealing or selling information? This is silly and unfair and DFAS know it.
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  • Credit Report
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