12:14 am, May 26, 2015

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  • LED lights are mature and easy to install - what took the DOE so long?
    Great to hear that the Department of Energy is finally taking initiative to switch to LED lighting, but what took so long and why does it read like they are re-inventing the wheel? Replacing complete lighting fixtures is going to be expensive and unnecessary as many leading LED companies are making LED light bulbs that retro-fit into existing light fixtures. From an operations standpoint, the advantages of new LED lighting are significant... like the 50,000+ hrs will reduce downtime and worker hours to switch out bulbs. Also the low operating temperature will keep these garages cooler than when they were being lit by compact fluorescent light. Also LED lights have no mercury content so it'll be eco-friendly and easy to dispose. The disadvantages of what the article is suggesting: 1. Expensive - why remove and replace an existing fixture when the current light fixtures will work. I am assuming the garage is using some sort of existing light fixture coupled with an inefficient light bulb such as incandescent or CFL. Replacing the inside bulb to an LED bulb will be significantly cheaper and easier to convert to. There is no need to conduct these "demonstrations" of LED lights...just have your staff switch the bulbs and run it for 1-month and look at the difference in the electricity bill. The savings will speak for themselves. 2. Way to Long to implement - I quote here "It was a complete replacement of the fixture. The fixture is designed right from the drawing board to take advantage of the LED light." There are many things wrong with this quote especially for someone in charge of solid state lighting for the department of energy. For one, get out of your office and drawing boards and go shopping for LED lights. There are already thousands of manufacturer all around the world making LED lights in every possible configuration all made to "take advantage of LED lights." There is no need to go back to the drawing boards. Just buy some bulbs, try it and install it. Overall I just find that the Department of Energy to be extremely slow and inefficient in there own research of Solid State Lighting. It's like they are waiting for some magical super efficient LED solution made just for there department when the market has already created readily available LED lighting solutions. Stop re-inventing the wheel and just make the MOVE. SWITCH TO LED NOW not after an extensive and pointless testing program. Gary
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