4:50 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Fired because you can't pay your bills?
    I would suggest that several states be "fired" for not paying their bills! Start with California, Illinois, and move right on down the list. What's good for the citizen is SURELY good for the government "servants of the people"! *cough cough* Yeah right!
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  • DFAS Employees - It has to be really bad
    Employees are not fired for having bad credit, but horrible credit coupled with excessive debt, non-payment of debt, etc. If their salary or income was sufficient to make payments then this would have not gone far - but. This has to be really bad for the Federal Government to fire government employees. I would like the article to have put this into some financial perspective and provide an education to its readers as well as a report.
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  • Very Very Poor Reporting
    This article is clearly trying to evoke outrage when just a drop of context explains this whole scenario. Even the youngest employees around the beltway understand how security clearances work and why they are needed. Say there is a government agency that stores records containing personal info as simple as SSN, DOB or addresses or as detailed as bank account numbers like DFAS would. And say an employee at said agency is in debt for 50k. The likelihood of that employee selling information is dramatically increased over other employees who are not under that financial burden. Just the facts. This is the rationale for reducing risk to citizens through the clearance process and it makes sense. Please add the necessary context to reporting in order to properly inform your audience of the facts. This was crafted in a manner that intentionally or unintentionally shaped a false view of what occurred. This sort of occurrence happens every day with employees/contractors losing their clearances for a whole slew of reasons debt problems included all with good reason.
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  • What about the IRS?
    Rock Island fed
    Have any of them been fired for excessive debt? They may not have a clearance like DoD employees, but they sure have access to lots of personal info. The article should address other agencies and whether or not they hold employees to the same standards as DFAS. I don't mean to single out the IRS, but I'm unable to think of another agency w/similar access.
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  • What about the IRS?
    deployed decoy
    Might have changed since in circa 1998 in Ogden UT an IRSer told me, they could be fired just for owing more than $100 in taxes when filing or getting back too large of a refund two years in a row. Even if they were 100% compliant with the tax law, just paid too little or too much tax in any given year. I argee ,fire Tim and then look down the food chain in 2010 to clean house.
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  • Re: What about the IRS?/
    Low Paid Fed
    Rock Island Fed, if you are not trying to single out the IRS then don't mention us period! Each agency are different, so you cannot start looking at the IRS because we handle information. Everyone in the IRS do not have high profile positions. So pls talk what you know before you start this "I don't mean to single out the IRS" mobo jumbo crap. People that do break any of the IRS policy/regulation gets the axe just like everyone else. If someone works for the IRS and owe taxes, what do you think the IRS is going to do? Sit around twirling there thumb? I am getting sick and tired of other people trying to throw us under the bus. Obviously whatever position you hold, I assume you and your Dept need to looked at too huh? If anyone work for the Gov we all have some form of access to information and some a lot more that need these high security clearances. Without farther words, except for this...leave the IRS ALONE!!
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