6:09 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • $700 Trillion in Unregulated Derivatives
    Radar Tech
    You can't trust the prospectus, you can't trust the rating agencies, you can't trust the bankers, you can't trust any of them. The books are all cooked and there's $TRILLIONS in funny-money deals, all with a background of sovereign debt defaults...and they want us to throw our life savings into that toxic soup? I think not. So if this is such a good time to invest, why aren't municipal and state governments busy buying stocks for their pension funds? I think that they know enough not to throw good money after bad. I think they know that the market is a scam right now. Until the derivatives are regulated, the rating agencies actually do their job, and the SEC starts throwing criminals in jail...let's just say the G-Fund is just fine. We double our money with matching funds and then we get an inflation hedge with G-Fund earnings. Why swim in the toxic financial waters until they actually STOP THE LEAK! The FED is the financail BP and our economy is the Gulf.
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