12:58 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • Save the Earth
    deployed decoy
    Let us put the job situation in the USA in perspective. Unless someone goes on active duty, they pretty much currently can look forward to career at a fast food drive thru with a masters degree. The answer is the USA follow the worlds lead. In France the MRA is 50YO. They get 65% of their final or highest salary, even if they held it for 2 months on a temporary promotion 3 years ago. France along with most of the EU mandates 5 to 7 weeks paid vacation a year and as much as 3 years paid maternity leave. Here in Kuwait, the highest per capita income on the planet at $82k a year and a 2% unemployment rate (this only applies to the real Kuwaitis with bloodlines to the ruling family, everybody else works 70 hours a week for life at $400/MO). So the slaves of this Tier3 watch list slave state country working at Starbucks, Chilies, Applebees and every other American franchise and oil production excluded, works at best 6 hours a day, 5 days a week doing something I have yet to see any real productivity. At 15 years of work (or drinking tea as the case may be), they get 65% of current salary with 2% added for each additional year. So my answer to Americas problems is everyone older than 50YO be retired with a $50K buyout and 75% of highest salary ever earned going forward in retirement. The flood into the job market with starting salaries at $65k will reduce unemployment to under 2%, especially with all the overhire Temps needed to fill in during those 6 weeks paid vacations. To do this the USA need only raise taxes to 48%, create a national sales tax (VAT) at 19% and cut all entitlement programs and defense spending by 90%. So simple, but does nothing for the states proper. I assume state taxes would need increased to a flat 20% income and 10% sales to fix the local problems.
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  • Save the Earth Reply
    IOW, bankrupt the US, its citizens and leave it virtually defenseless. Europe is going in the opposite direction. Someone is smoking herbs considered illegal in most Arab countries.
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  • not exactly
    deployed decoy
    No it is slave labor that gets oil out of the ground in Saudi and Kuwait for under $5 a barrel and US greed that allows the same counties to violate every human law known by feeding them at chilies. I agree the EU has always enjoyed a bit of Socialism, but again they rely on US (as in US) to get them out of trouble. That extends to Trillions in bailouts as well as the only country that has any measurable number of troops in Kosovo or for that matter Kuwait. Yep Kuwait holds 10% of the worlds oil reserves, no almost none of that oil is imported by the USA. It is primarily the EU that in Germany a gallon of gas costs $7.50 today in mostly taxes to support the local agenda, like free global health care and 35 hour work weeks. So the USA either needs to tap about 25% of unknown world oil reserves and then bring Bangladeshi and Shi Lankan slave that work 70 hours a week in the hardest of jobs for $500 a month. And we stop this madness of being the worlds police force. Or we will soon be owned and operated by China, that I assure you will make changes for us. I honestly believe $8 gas would be a good thing and start in the USA. It would force people to wake up and conserve. I sure would like to ride a train between LA and San Fran city centers at 160MPH for $30 non stop.
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