8:07 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Extra $75 billion Postal Retirement Overpayment
    Fur Shur one of the things to do is RECREDIT USPS employees and retirees with a pro-rata share of the overpayment ~ IN ITS ENTIRITY (with earnings at T-bill rates through the appropriate periods). The way the USPS got the money was by NOT paying full market rates for its employees ~ the Rate Commission provided rates that covered full operating costs, so the customers have already gotten their fair share of the situation. Is it likely that USPS management will ever pay the employees what is due? Unlikely. In fact, USPS is so cheap and sniveling that it charges your excess leave carryover as though it were being earned over the next year or so when you retire but at the same time refuses to engage in FERS matching payments for those payments. Their argument is that "leave" is just a bonus. Hey, folks, Dick Strasser, who came up with a lot of the crazier ideas in postal finance is LONG GONE. Say goodbye to him and say hello to an honest day's pay for an honest day's work and give the money back to the employees and retirees, with interest earned, and FERS savings accounted for in full.
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