3:19 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Global warming is real
    deployed decoy
    I have been asking for 26 years, where the white goes when the snow (and ice) melts. My first federal job was snow survey, that tracks the water in the snow used for stream flow forcasting. My theory is the truth lies at the bottom of all that prehistoric, petrified white on a beautiful Destin FL (before oil) white sand beach. I have been lobbying congress and EU for years for a grant to build sand castles and barge this sand up to Greenland to replace all the missing white there. Well all good ideas (like my saying, as wrong as two cowboys kissing becoming a Hollywood award winning film) must come to an end. I heard on BBC radio this week that some guy in Peru is receiving millions to hike up 3000 meters in the Andes and replace all that missing white from melted glaciers with white paint. The paint is mostly water and egg whites (not the place the white goes I will add). It is very prone to erosion. So he just keeps painting the same mountain top all the time. Job security. The best answer to my original question was from little 8YO girl while I packaged her mom up for a ski patrol ride off the hill. She said, it makes rainbows, then started bawling and hyperventilating again. She got a mommy ski patroller sled ride next to mom.
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