8:00 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Just tax them
    deployed decoy
    Well I could list 100s of things I have saw in 10 years overseas, 4 in war zones. Just a couple that need noted here. KBR was stealing fuel in Kosovo in circa 2005. KBR manages all fuel going to Iraq from Kuwait in 2010. CSA is the prime vender for almost everything in Kuwait. CSA requires all the American contractors to hold a Kuwait bank account, that CSA then moves money to completely under the radar of all US tax laws. I nailed KBR in 2001 for violating the PWS and SOW in regards to electrical grounding my system. In 2010 KBR is still claiming they had nothing to do with the electrocution deaths of Soldiers in Iraq caused by shoddy grounding. I could go on and one. Just one more note worthy comment. Circa 2006, $10 Million in US currency disappeared off the Ramstein Germany flight line, in a 20 foot shipping container. A $10,000 publicly announced reward was offered for information or recovery. The contracted guy that found it in Afghanistan (the original end destination), never got a penny of the reward. My big question is what was the US military doing with $10M in small unmarked bills in Afghanistan in the first place.
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