12:22 am, May 28, 2015

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  • SS Benefits
    Tea Partier
    There is always a third,and more logical option. Unfortunately, too many Americans view Social Security as a sacrosanct entitlement which can never be changed to meet the times. Raising the retirement age to at least 70 would do more to save the solvency of Social Security than anything else. But I guess politicians fear that might cause the kinds of riots we have seen coming out of Europe. The new governor of New Jersey seems to be the only elected official willing to take on entitlement issues head on. They threaten to bankrupt state governments, and the Federal government as well. Liberals talk endlessly about "sustainability". Well, where is the sustainability of paying people retirement benefits for 30-40 years? If a government employee retires at 55, and lives to age 95, that's 40 years of retirement benefits. What economist would honestly say that system won't end up in bankruptcy?
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