10:27 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Cloud Computing and Security: A little wary - forecast sunny or cloudy?
    Great article highlighting the need for everyone to have a much higher computer/data security awareness. I am wary about cloud computing, but not against it. Just recognize that whenever data or process go outside your four walls, you lose control of security: And you'd better be very, very sure someone is picking it up. Google to a (free) blog that has great security (and other) info, “The Business-Technology Weave” – catch the post, “Cloud Computing and Security: Forecast Cloudy?” Also, check a book we use at work, "I.T. WARS" (you can Google to it, a good part of it is available online at Google Books; Amazon too). It has a great Security chapter, and others that treat security, content management, policy, etc. Highly recommended. Great stuff.
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