7:46 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Go for it Senator
    deployed decoy
    I feel FEMA should freeze and fire as Sens. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) desires. Then next time a big wind blows down a town. FEMA tells the good Senator we dont have the manpower and resources to help a 3 vote state like OK. Oh and Senator the federal land payments in lieu of taxs for federal land in OK will no longer be paid to OK to save federal money.
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  • Salary debate
    When I started working for the government in 1974, my hourly rate was $2.95. My previous job in an auto parts warehouse paid $3.50 an hour. Over the years, I have gone back to college (at my expense), applied for positions that were promotions, and even moved around the country for those promotions. After all these years, I am at the top of my pay grade. And yes, I earned it. In my organization, I am called an SME (Subject Matter Expert). Someone in the private sector with as many years as I have earns at least three times what I do - especially if they work for a large corporation. Plus, they get very good yearly bonuses, probably stock options, and throughout the year, additional "goodies" and maybe even a company car with the insurance paid for by the company. Our "bonuses", which we can only receive for performing and completing a specialized project to a successful conclusion, are given to us in the form of an award which has a set dollar limit. We can only receive an award once a year. Only the SES'ers receive a yearly "bonus" that is in the thousands. Granted, there are people working for the federal government who are overpaid. Congress (and all of their staffs) is a good example, but there are many more who work for the various agencies that are underpaid for what they are required to do in their jobs. Comparing federal salaries to that of private industry is like comparing apples to bananas; there is no match. Congress also seems to forget that federal employees are also taxpayers.
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  • Director of OPM should be an expert in compensation analysis
    It is so embarrassing that Barry, an SES making more than $150k, can't create an 8th grade formula to compare compensation between private and sector (Fed_compensation + IncomeTax benefits + retirement pension >>= comm_compensation). I’ve worked as a consultant in a few government offices and have not identified one in 500 government workers that was underpaid. While the grass always looks greener on the other side, the senior staff would not be qualified for a commercial environment. In general, they cannot handle the self-reliance, the pace, the skill, or provide the mentoring and leadership to manage corporate operations. Senior government staff have attained an overpaid level by dutifully surviving the office politics for 15 years, starting as a clerk under limited stress, and limited accountability, but never growing.
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