9:42 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • What?
    deployed decoy
    The following is on fedweek.com today, I vote we call in a UAV strike. The Cato Institute has issued another report on the federal pay issue, following prior reports in the same vein that were used as ammunition for proposals to freeze or cut pay. The report, like the prior ones, focuses on the difference between average federal salaries and average private sector compensation, putting the numbers at about $80,000 and $50,000 a year, respectively. Adding the value of benefits puts the difference at about $120,000 versus about $60,000 a year it said, suggesting that Congress should phase out federal retirement programs, cut pay as a way to encourage turnover and bring in fresh blood, and turn over to the private sector more jobs, including air traffic control.
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  • $1M TSP Accounts
    This story is BS it seems. Your only examples of $1M+ account holders are those who brought prior retirement accounts into the program...anyone can do that. Tell us what is the highest holding of a Fed who has put in the max allowed each year since (1984?) whenever it started, with or without gov't match. I doubt any account could be more than $500K today. I wasn't that smart obviously; I've put in the max allowed each year since 1888 and barely reach $200K (I also have done the max Catch up Contribution for the past 5 years!) How have others done?
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