3:17 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Already have a pay cut next year
    Anybody who's putting $5000 per year into their FSA will have a pay cut next year when it get slashed to $2500. That's about an extra $1000 in taxes. We all know that healthcare costs will go up 5-10%. Any additional freeze or cut just makes the net pay go down even more.
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  • FSA not cut next year
    The FSA is not cut from $5000 to $2500 next year. Next year the max is still $5000, but you will not be able to use your FSA account for over the counter items unless you have a Dr. Rx for them. In 2012, the max does decrease to from $5000 to $2500. It is not a pay cut, it is actually a tax increase, but politicians say it is not becasue they did not raise a tax rate or institute a new tax. I say it is, because their forced change will cause my taxes to go up, but the medical costs for my Type 1 diabetic son, will not and $2500 plus dollars of that cost will be paid with post tax money.
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  • Pay freeze
    Why do members of Congress hate federal government civil servants? They seem to forget that we the ones who "sign" their paychecks and actually keep the government running. Congress just likes to spend every penny in "revenue" that is received from the taxpayers (which includes civil servants) - and then they borrow huge amounts of money to cover essential programs and, or course, their "pork". Every member of Congress needs to learn how to budget the monies received and learn how to stick to that budget. It isn't that hard to do. All the federal agencies have to budget and are not allowed to overspend. If there is to be a pay freeze, let it be for all members of Congress and their over-inflated staffs for the first year. Better yet, since they are all way overpaid, cut their pay by a minimum of ten percent and their "expense accounts" by 50%. Put the resulting "saved" funds into two accounts: half will go towards decreasing the national debt; and half will go towards Social Security to include Medicare (not Medicaid). The total sums may not be huge, but they would be a start to balancing the budget and protecting specific programs. Instead of lawyers being elected to Congress, we need accountants and auditors in those positions.
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  • Why pay congres at all
    deployed decoy
    In CA last week. A couple of former high tech CEOs spent MILLIONS just in the primary of their own money. If they want the job that bad. Maybe they should work for free and be required to feed and water the staff.
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  • Why are the republicans doing this
    It is the Republicans that are proposing the pay freeze. It is the rightist columnists that are advocating pay freezes and cuts for us. I wonder why.
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  • Pay cut
    If congress does not act soon the Bush tax cuts will expire on 12/31/2010. The only ones who can stop this are our democrats in congress. They must act soon or we will all see a "take-home" pay cut 1/01/2011.
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  • Pay Freeze: Everybody in the Pool
    Celtic Wolf
    Why are federal (or any government-civil servant) on the 'chopping block' when the economy goes south? Possible reason 1: we get paid by the taxes these folks pay when they much rather buy food for their children. Possible reason 2: some of us do things that are seen as obstacles (or fears) by the general public - that is we can arrest them, fine them, take away their homes and so on. And then there is Possible Reason 3: That is we may have reductions, we may have a pay freeze in the future, yet when did the federal government ever go out of business, like many current companies. So knowing all this politcians use us (federal employees) as a smoke screen or a diversion. Here they are (Congress) spending billions on other expenses, yet we are high beamed as the slackers and the ones to get cut. Hey! we are simply at the bottom of the totem pole (holding it all up, yet still at the bottom)......
    Celtic Wolf
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