7:45 am, May 26, 2015

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  • nation wide pay reductions
    deployed decoy
    I agree with one writer that this should be a nationwide thing, and yes I remember it well when I was in Cold War Europe in the border snow for Christmas with no pay raise back in the 70s. I am all for doing my part. I am not for the CEO of some bank that used all the income tax money I have ever paid to save them from default getting $16M this year. I would also suggest no actual pay reductions, but nationwide max salaries (including bonuses), say no more than twice the Presidents salary and this be an act of congress again for every income tax paying American. Excluding naturally everyone one public aid who will need more for designer purses while they continue in the well paid profession as baby factories. But everyone else, including all self employed and all corporations, should be made to pay a minimum of 45% income taxes. In states with no income tax that would be 45% federal. In states with income tax, something less. Lets be fair here, a fixed mandatory percentage is so fair for the rich, famous and special off shore holding companies like Halliburton or BP. I know the Democrats want this anyway. Heck Nancy wants a special tax on retirement investments to pay for the illegal voters that sustain her to have the same life style say as that of a federal judge.
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  • readership down
    I guess Mike's column hasn't received as many readers lately or he's just run out of things to write about. But back to the hot topic of federal pay freeze again. Well, a pay freeze would include freezing pay for those sensitive positions like air traffic controllers and ATF agents. Certainly lazy feds working those jobs can shoulder a pay freeze. I am just curious about a couple of things. Has there been any real evidence that shows federal salaries are responsible for the deficit. Any studies that show a freeze in federal pay will ignite economic activity? I noticed that there are no federal contractors supporting pay freezes. Have senators John McCain and Tom Coburn forgot about them? Federal contractors make up a significant portion of the federal workforce. Eric Cantor is another one angry over federal pay. These politicians are not focusing on real waste. For instance, Medicare Part D includes enough wasteful spending to keep Congress busy all year. The Department of Veterans Affairs, which is allowed to negotiate drug prices and establish a formulary, pays 58% less for drugs, on average, than Medicare Part D. Former Congressman Billy Tauzin, R-La., who steered Medicare Part D through the House, retired soon after and took a $2 million a year job as president of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the main industry lobbying group. Angry?
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  • Pay Raise for Feds & Retirees
    As a retiree, it breaks my heart to know people who have lost their primary jobs with bankruptcy and foreclosure close behind. State government employees are being laid off, had their pay cut and or are working and getting paid for a reduced work day. Private sector jobs are being lost all over the place. The federal deficit can grow without restraint an everyone pays, while most state budgets have to be balanced. All of us who pay taxes are paying for the reckless spending by the Administration and Congress and the long term economic situation will not get better until the Federal government freezes and cuts back spending for every program. Fed employees and retirees need to step up and share the pain. In our home, we learn to make do with what we have and there can't be many Feds and retirees who can't do the same. The organizations that represent us as Feds and retirees are only interested in dues and feathering their own nest, while sleeping with the House, Senate, and White House leadership.
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  • Pay freeze? Get real
    First, to the person who is retired, bet you would not have supported a pay freeze if you were an active employee. You have no say. Your benefit is based on inflation. Ours is based on something else. Stop mixing applea and oranges. Second, I remember the years of Reagan when the bigwigs got their huge raises while we got nothing or a 2% raise which a huge increase in the cost of medical insurance. I remember Ford making us inflation fighters. I remember Bush Sr.'s promise to bring our salaries up to pay parity by 2003. That was ignored due to the allegation that the study was "flawed", but no second study was done to correct these alleged flaws. I am still waiting for the parity which will not happen in my lifetime. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view, the government can only dictate federal salaries plus a few others. It cannot regulate private industry for the most part. A major exception is the tax deductibility of certain salaries. That is easily avoided legally.
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  • Stewie, Stewie, Stewie......
    Your short sightedness never ceases to amaze me. Paulosfm definitely has a say as to the subject of federal employee pay freezes, as does every American citizen regardless of where they work or their economic status. And, he is absolutely right. Federal employees and retirees DO need to step up and do their part. A one-year pay freeze is NOTHING compared to what most of the rest of America is going through. Time to man up, dude, and stop the whining. And I challenge you to post a comment that does NOT contain the word "Bush" in it. I know you can do it if you really try!!
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  • xtaxman xtaxman xtaxman
    Your lack of comprehension never ceases to amaze me. anyone has the right to say as he (she wishes) The issue is one of credibility and reasoning. (1) The retired person is not affected by what he advocates. Let him sacrifice something. (2) He compares his lack of raise with active employees. They are covered by different laws. Bet he did not copmplain when he got a 5.8% raise and the active employees got a 3.9% raise. So why should he complain now? Additionally, he is absolutely wrong based on my previous post. I need not repeat that post. Please read it for the explanation. As far as your challenge is concerned, it is idiotic and not worth anything. The fact is the law was passed under Bush Sr., who was a decent president. This is contrary to Bush Jr. who was much less. If I need to bring up Bush, a proper name in the context used, I will do so. Jr. is to blame for much of the economic problems we are suffering now.
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  • It's probably coming sooner or later
    Bill Samuel
    Federal employees are not responsible for bad decisions by Congress and the White House, but in most cases state and local employees are also not responsible for the fiscal crises in their governments. But they are suffering pay freezes, furloughs and other consequences in many cases. They might seem like logical allies for Feds but right now they might feel we need to share the pain. I think it will come, if not in 2011 than in 2012. The Federal budget is way out of control, but it isn't Federal salaries which are to blame. It's such things as the drive for world domination which means active wars and over 700 major military bases abroad, massive subsidies to corporate farmers who are a major contributor to global warming, and low taxes on the rich (During the Eisenhower Administration, tax rates went to 90% & Ike was no socialist). By reforms in these problem areas, we would do far more to deal with the Federal fiscal problem than by freezing civil servant salaries. But neither Congress nor the President seems much inclined to take steps to address these major problems. We also need to quick scrambling our budgets. No state or corporation budgets like the Federal Government. We need to separate general programmatic spending, capital spending and earmarked fund spending, like almost everyone else in the world does. Then we could get a clearer picture. Funding for general operations should average to be in balance over time. Capital spending should be paid for over reasonable time frames considering the life of the assets.
    Bill Samuel Silver Spring, MD 20906
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