3:35 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Pay freeze
    deployed decoy
    First bears dung, bats guano, humans defecate and we all know what cats do when we step in it at 3AM on the way to the bathroom. Now take that word that many would not utter if they had a mouthful (except at 3 AM) as a prefix to head, and we start to understand the mental capacity of some in DC that spend hundreds of millions of dollars on landing a $180k a year job. I would suggest that if just one fed is not given a pay raise this year, this be extended to our elected officials and the troops dying in the battle space every day. If there is a pay raise this year, I would suggest every pay locality and RUS be reduced by 0.5% such that feds in the battle space receive a higher raise. We all now earn 24% less than those I 495 special people. If we want to compare wages, lets start here. The contractors I work with all have a starting salary greater than GS12 step 10. They are guaranteed under the contract 20 hours of OT each week. They are federal income tax exempt on the first $86K. I on the other hand took a $1000 a month pay cut in Dec 2008 when State Dept called the war over in Kuwait. I have not claimed or been paid (but have worked many hours) a minute of overtime in over a year, because two previous supervisors got chewed out when I had the audacity to document pre scheduled, pre approved and WORKED hours above my base 40. But since FLSA as well as other federal labor laws, and both the IG and HR have refused to get involved in command issues locally, us mice in the corner are looking at 5 fat cats every morning wondering if it is today we get bitten in half.
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  • the alleged pay raise or freeze
    To deployed decoy, I read your suggestions and have just one questioon. If your pay raise suggestion went into effect, how would that affect you? Note also that the proposed pay raise, I believe, is not very hefty, about 1.5%. I am also not in the armed forces or in the defense department. I depend on the locality pay as local costs affect salaries. I will still have to pay these costs, even with your suggestion. I could be wrong, but I believe the proposed pay freeze was by right wing Republicans. Correct me if I am wrong. It failed, but not by a big margin. Doesn't Congress have a pay freeze for 2010?
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  • No impact on me
    deployed decoy
    I am on PPP and very actively looking for employment way far away from the stupidity of Kuwait. So any suggestion I have to raise the salaries here will not do me any good. But the other decoys would make out. Every year for as far back as I remember the annual raise was whacked by about 25% of the total from the base raise. Such that every locality could get a bit more. This is what has caused overseas to be about 14% below RUS. The State Dept fixed this years ago when they slipped into their budget that all overseas Hi-3 would be calculated at the Washington DC locality rate for retirement going forward. Congress started fixing this for AK, HI Guam, Ect last November. It is only the folks really overseas that are getting short changed still. So take that 1.5% this year. Make overseas base a full 2%, RUS about 0.75% and DC naturally 1.6%. Yes I heard congress might take no pay raise this year, have not heard that is set in blood. As for party affiliation I feel they are all crooks why else would someone pay millions of dollars for a $185K a year job. Kind of like religion. They all have one way of doing things in public and another in private. Like the locals in Kuwait drinking water behind closed doors at home, but having me arrested for swallowing my own spit, in the midday sun with 140 degree heat when Ramadan is in August.
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  • Pay freeze inevitable
    Just me
    Let's be realistic here, a pay freeze IS inevitable. We (government employees) should know, by now, that targeting the federal workforce is de rigeur for most politicians. It will play well in Peoria, and that's the only thing that matters to most politicians. Retirement gets more and more appealing every day.
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  • Aren't we all taxpayers
    As a fed, I want to keep every penny I can get. As a taxpayer, I want the feds to reduce the cost of government. I see nothing wrong with not getting a 1.5% pay increase. I realize that some people live paycheck-to-paycheck. I would also like to see Congress and the President and their staff take a more substantial haircut, too.
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  • Federal Pay Freeze
    Before a pay freeze is put into place, all the Senators, Congressmen(women) and the First Lady should reduce their staffs by 50%. Millions would probably be saved just by this action. Next, cut out all the "pork" activities. Most of them are ridiculous. If some of these unfunded activities are really necessary, fund them properly. Third, review all the subsidies that are in place. I'm sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, that can be eliminated. Example: subsidies to the people who raise Mohair goats. The government no longer uses Mohair in uniforms - and hasn't for many, many years. Yet the "producers" are still receiving a subsidy. These should all be done before even thinking about a pay freeze. With all of these "funds" eliminated, there probably would be billions of dollars made available for legitimate spending.
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  • Don't throw Federal Workers under the bus..
    Congress talks about cutting regular employee salaries, but not their own. And those on capital hill advocating for it forget that federal employees are tax payers too, they have families , extended family they now have to take care of because of the recession, and many who have lost their own homes to foreclosure as well--esp. since they don't have true access to their TSP in times of desperation. There is still a GS 1 classification if I am not mistaken and there are still plenty of white collar federal workers who make 35K or less, don't get bonuses, and health care is not free. This is the Dc Metro area, housing prices are high, cost of living is certainly up for everyone, the states are on the verge of bancruptcy, and frankly I can't afford to give up more of my salary without relocating, which is not feasible in this economic climate. Everyone is suffering right now, but they shouldn't give in to hysteria. Federal workers play an important role in servicing the nation.
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