6:09 am, May 26, 2015

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  • it's going to sux
    for some in NSPS no doubt. I should be going into a higher wage grade, but those that are going back will be hurt. They will not recieve a fair bonus/raise. They made more under NSPS because they out performed their peers. Now they can expect 1/2 the raise of a marginal employee for what?? the next 5-6 years and then only the standard rate? Not very fair if you ask me. If it were me going back and I was topped off and I knew I wasn't going to get squat at the end of the year, what would be my incentive to work hard?
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  • The 2%
    deployed decoy
    Besides all the other willful and wanton violations of DOD and DA directives that went on when individual pay pools sat down behind closed doors and in many cases freely handed out high evaluations to supervisors who had taken credit for their workers labor. Thus very special people were handsomely rewarded if they wrote English fiction instead of an annual evaluation. Some pay pools took a little advertised clause in the NSPS regulations and without so much as notifying people formally in the requisite general business rules on or before 3 July each year, used Control Points. Very few actual pay pools actually employed these Control Points, more than 50% that did excluded some people in the pay pool, (but not everyone) and allowed these even more special people to exceed the assigned grade step 10 cap of 5%. Only 2% of Army employees in 2008 (last data available) were salary capped by Control Points. I suggest DOD order these 2% of Army employees to have their salary retroactively raised (with interest) prior to reconversion. This entire experiment should result in all the DOD and lower staff that was responsible for this mess to be removed for the good of the service, no severance pay, no retirement, just clean out your desk, you are fired. I would suggest that this will never happen and that these same people received very high awards. I base this on a now deleted Army Europe web site and document that told NSPS managers how to blow their own horn for a higher rating of record with a NSPS specific objective.
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  • This just in
    deployed decoy
    OPM briefed congress on 9 June 2010 on NSPS. On the 3rd page, this entire paragraph is a LIE. It is important to note that employees in this situation are receiving higher pay – and will continue to do so – than they would have received if they had remained in the General Schedule pay system all along. If they had remained in the GS system, their pay never would have exceeded the regular maximum rate for step 10 of their GS grade. They benefited from being in NSPS, and that benefit continues through the retained rate they receive upon conversion back to the GS. Also, their future retirement benefit will be the same as or higher than it would have been if they had not been covered by NSPS, depending on whether the average salary used in the retirement computation was earned while they were in NSPS or receiving retained pay. Moreover, agency contributions under the Thrift Savings Plan are higher for these employees than they would have been had the employees never been in NSPS. I can state here and now I am authorizing general neclear release, pick your target tactical launch platforms.
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  • Wahhhh Wahhh
    Gee... we just got told (at a major Defense contractor) that there will be ZERO raises this year for job category. Just like last year 95% of us got ZERO. So lets see... Zero raise this year, we are told no raises next year (they would take effect in Feb 2011!). So that means the EARLIEST we may see a raise is FEB 2012. Cry me a river.....
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