9:46 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Pentagon will cut pay raises
    deployed decoy
    Let me see. I am a YA02, tops out at GS13 step 10. Currently salary about GS13 step 6. But will reconvert to a GS12 step 9 or 10. This reconvert process depends on how they figure my unique case of having a special rate table to look at. Under the base salary tables I exceed step 10 by 5%. Under the IT pay table 99AF I am just under a step 9. Given I was a step 10 at conversion. One would assume they error in the employees favor, make me a step 10 in the base pay schedule, THEN add the 10% IT pay. But they won’t I and a few others will be filing a federal wide class action. Now if they really cared they would make me a GS13 step 8, by converting me to 99AF GS12 step 10, and then moving me to GS13 that under NSPS is the grade I hold. I am not alone. To say - They already earn more than their new General Schedule grades allow – is a total cop out Mr Jones. Not my problem DOD failed to consider this as part of NSPS. Problem is the folks dreaming up the rules have been on a wind whipped mountain top ridgeline on their vision quest without food or water, with only that special white buffalo inducing herb while they dream this stuff up, or I speculate sniffing car exhaust fumes on the Beltway too long.
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  • forgot something
    deployed decoy
    Also please remember that DOD has been downsizing for years. So besides my day job at the GS12 level in a war zone with ZERO authorized overtime or danger pay. I also need to be an Administrative Assistant to produce executive quality writing (solving the world’s problems in 11 lines of text), a technical writer (documenting everything at the engineer level), and a graphics artist (putting all this into a few power point slides such that everything briefed to senior management is in a format they understand PICTURES). Too bad the people that work at the NSPSTO office need more life skills to think out the product before pushing it on us all to test for them. I can draw some pictures, if the team would like some help.
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