10:10 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Look back
    deployed decoy
    How about us that hired on in early 1984. It was most of 3 years if I remember right before I could contribute anything to TSP. Most agencies never offered employees to contribute retroactivly. I worked for USDA (Forest Service), they did offer me a short window to make up most of 3 years of contributions. Having a home, car and boat payment at the time, did not leave me a fist full of cash to make this window. If anyone really cared they would go back and allow everyone who now will suffer the rest of our lives the possibility to make pay roll contributions (say $50 a pay period) and get the matching funds on this. This would not require the agency go back and pay the lost earnings on this, but could for agencies that never offfered the chance to catch up in the past.
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