10:53 am, May 28, 2015

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  • ZombiePower
    deployed decoy
    Well as a 12 step 10 at conversion to NSPS, I did not get the WIGI (next step increase buy in). My name for this was bribe in. With well below the average pay pool ratings, but a Valued Performer 3.00 ratings over 2 years I now exceed GS12 step 12 salary. I was drug kicking and screaming into this mess and at one very public meeting the NSPS Manager for Army Europe told me (and everyone in attendance) if anyone should be behind NSPS it should be you, as you now can excel to GS13 step 10. It was after conversion, in September 2008, 2 weeks before the end of the 2008 rating cycle that the pay pool rules were issued. This fact alone violated both DOD and DA polices that said rules be published. But what caught my eye was in these DRAFT business rules that were used by the pay pool that November, was within band control points that limited any future salary raise I could possibly receive to no more than 5% over the former step 10 rate. None of this was briefed to any of us prior to conversion or during the rating cycle. In 2 rating cycles I am just below this control point. The fact that only a few pay pool elected to use control points. Compounded by the fact that most pay pools that did have control points waived these for everyone. Means that around 2% of Army employees were salary restricted by control points (too bad for them). Then since my pay pool violated DOD, DA and Army Europe directives, policies or procedures both years I was in this mess, I questioned this. OPM farmed my concern out to my HR on Rock Island who told me it was a command issue and that HR does not police agencies. The DA IG told me they likewise would not get involved in a command issue. Thus these same people that violated higher federal agency directions are the same ones (and only ones) to then say the pay pool was fair, not necessarily legal. Then did NOTHING to correct these wrongs. We can only hope if the GS system is changed, it is done by OPM and ONLY OPM. Leaving it up to some local team of people that make up the rules each November behind closed doors and not be held accountable will just result in 1000s of favored good ole boys making GS12 step 19 salaries in the future.
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  • Read this also
    deployed decoy
    NSPS move cuts raises of 11,000 feds Recommended reading in FNR Morning Drive today. Molds well with Mikes story.
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  • Think About It
    Sleepless G
    I suppose we "winners" need to put things in perspective. When I transition back to GS, I will only get half the raises. But I am grateful I will have safe pay. But as someone stated....we earned our NSPS raises under federal law. h-m-m-m-mmm
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  • NSPS Demise Another Reason to hate unions
    Because of union protests, the previous administration place only management and techies, no union members, under NSPS. Under the present adminstration, union protest is killing NSPS. Thus, causing many employees to lose future pay raises. Thanks unions! You've given thousands of federal employees another reason to hate unions.
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