1:42 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Google as the font of all knowledge...
    Aliens (of the E.T. sort) are regularly visiting the White House, according to a Google search. Point being, don't believe everything you find on Google. 10 terabytes is a small fraction of the "digital size" of the Library of Congress, if such a thing could ever be calculated. Though much of the content discussed is actually audio or moving image, a recent Voice of America video (http://bit.ly/7FeZ1i) describes the Library's current digital collections, roughly 700 terabytes (with 200 terabytes publicly available on the Web site) and growing daily. This is the size of the 1% of the physical collection that has been digitized. The Library's blog also addressed this question some months ago (http://bit.ly/6tym2l), making the point that it is next to impossible to actually make a definitive calculation of the total digital size, but it would be in the many hundreds or thousands of petabytes.
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