1:47 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • 2 new GS steps for NSPS???
    deployed decoy
    Excuse me. But thousands have already converted out of NSPS. No new rules should be allowed if I read the law congress issued last year. The brain dead organ donor fools in management that shoved us all in to NSPS. Are now making up rules as the game is played, getting out. I suggest that EVERY DOD employee be ordered by OPM to have a pay day to pay day comparison. Even folks that never were in NSPS, just give them the average share award on paper. Then pay everyone the highest and most favorable to the employee salaryPLUS interest. Then fix that salary in a GS grade that has valid steps above the next step rounded up going back. Such that I would not reconvert as a save pay GS 12 step 10, but a GS14 step 2 or 13 step 6. As both GS 14 and 13 can be determined using different current rules as my virtual grade. Thus I want the GS14 so I can get a couple steps before I retire in a couple years. Folks that were 12 step 10 and never converted would come in around GS 14 step 6 as they would get the higher NSPS average than lowly me as a valued performer. Hey we all performed, some just were YES people and senior leadership and really made out.
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