2:18 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Much more than 5%
    Consider: a lab at NIH has a budget of $ 100. 70 of that 100 dollars goes to salary (lots of MD's). 30 dollars goes toward research expenses. A 5% cut comes out of the research budget only, NOT the salaries. Therefore $25 is spent on research expenses rather than $30. Let's see, 5 divided by 30 equals a 17% cut in the research budget, NOT 5% as the president may think.
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  • Honestly . . .
    Mike McMike
    This President just told us we had to borrow and spend like maniacs a year ago to HELP the debt-damaged economy. Now he speaks of wimpy across the board cuts in spending. Do you really think he cares about anything beyond the sound bites?
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