12:28 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • cut the fat first
    deployed decoy
    They could shave at least 5% of the budget just by cutting fat and excessive benefits. Soldiers cleaning their own bathrroms have been a thing of the past. Overseas DODDS schools for example could charge the military (out of pocket) say 25% the cost everyone in America pays through property tax (applied to rental likewise) and school levies. Heck DODDS could reduce the salary a teacher makes to say just 10% more than the national average as opposed to GS11 plus 1000$ in tax free added incentives as starting salary. They could kill MWR programs that lose money, say Outdoor Recreation since it is less expensive to use a German ski club or rental office and COLA is paid in excess just for this type of local service. MWR has in the past publically stated that simply reducing their profit margin on tax free gasoline would adversely impact COLA payments. Using this COLA as it is intended as opposed to going to the Canadian PX and purchasing a 335 BMW and more than make those payments in tax free COLA for example. The above are not benefits, they are PORK the military enjoys, that could be cut to death. And only a couple examples of 100s I could offer to the bean counters. Contractors run the military contracting commands, look here to solve another 5% instantly.
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  • Benefits v Guns
    Norman's Mother
    Here's a solution: Fire all male DoD employees who have hunting licenses. That would sure cut a lot of guns!
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  • No Guns here
    deployed decoy
    I have been overseas for 10 years, 4 in war zones. Thus my official state of residence no longer considers me a resident for so much as a fishing license. I bet they will want 10 years of back taxs if I should get lucky enough to land a federal job in the state on my way out of the desert. But what about women members of the NRA or hunters. Surly jest they should stay armed while men are made to beg on street corners.
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