1:45 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Class Action with me
    deployed decoy
    First, they squeezed the toothpaste out of the tube with a 5 ton truck driven by a drunk, LA road rage driver on PCP. No one had a clue. Everyone made up rules or simply had no rules to follow behind closed doors. In some cases the few, the proud, the special, made out when management flew a vacancy just for them so they could get another 5% any number of given years, over and above the performance pay outs. Now DOD is moving folks back, in some cases with lacking regulatory directions. In our case in the Middle East (we are on permanent duty, not deployed) they elected not to transition us back to GS in a couple weeks. Then changed course last week and said we will go back to GS now. Problems I see are some of us immediately go on temporary duty to the official war zones. That I will note do not include Haiti that draws a danger pay allowance and Kuwait does not. I begged OPM for help. OPM farmed it out to a HR office in the middle of the Mississippi River who stated, - Assuring compliance with DOD NSPS policies and directives is the responsibility of each Command. I realize that you do not believe your Command followed their own policies but it is not appropriate for CHRA to police or regulate the various Commands business rules. - in regards to my pointing out various regulations, policies and procedures my local command and PRA violated. Thus enforcement officially is left up to the same people that break the laws and then say verbally it was a fair pay pool. My PRA violated DOD, DA and Army Europe directives, policies or procedures each year I was in this experiment. All I can say is I am looking for a good legal team that will name the SECDEF as the belly button as part of a federal wide class action that will order a pay day by pay day comparison with interest added for everyone in DOD, in NSPS or not. I will reconvert to a lower GS12 step 9 than I held as far back as 2004 (GS12 step 10) because they will now pay me the IT 10% bump I have been hosed out of for 2 years. My pay currently exceeds GS12 step 12, and GS13 step 6 on the base pay tables (overseas). I legally can state I have a high grade held of GS14 because my salary is higher than GS13 step 4 and lower than GS14 step 4. I am registered in the DOD PPP as a GS13. I have lost at least $15,000 under NSPS in 2 years because special rate salaries were not applied. Who makes this stuff up and why have they not been separated for the good of the service. TIG waivers BTW in 99.99% of the cases everyone will have their step increase date set to Jan 2010 when someone got as little as $500 in NSPS performance one time case pay out.
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  • Another Knee-Jerk Congressional Answer to the Unions
    Ray W.
    If our Congress had taken a serious look at the NSPS system, they would have concluded that, in fact, raises and promotions under NSPS were going to the best and the brightest. Only those who were not pulling their own weight were left out of the payouts. Instead, the Congress and the Administration chose to knee-jerk react to the unions. Perhaps the greatest irony is that the unions represented no one covered by NSPS - NO ONE! So once again a system that rewarded good government performance was shot down in favor of a system that rewards sitting and waiting for the next within-grade promotion to come along. The unions, in the name of "saving" their constituents were only serving their institutional interests which would not have been served by a merit-based pay system. Congratulations to the unions, the Congress and the Administration on another step backward in the road to good government.
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  • Not just high performers
    deployed decoy
    Well I can tell a vastly different story. Lets call them the special people. The ones that management liked best. Actually I had my chance. I turned down a move across the parking lot as a COR and a 5% pay bump. I turned it down for 2 reasons. One I refused to play the NSPS game and two that contract was really screwed up. Actually three reasons as I recommended my command make the contracting command fund and deploy the COR, the formal appointment for the guy that did take the job took about a year because the KO would not give our local agency any contract oversight. So a person with ZERO legal authority to do anything his job required, got 4 shares for being nice that year. People that came to work on time but never made waves received 4.00s and 4 shares of the pie. People like me that made waves by noting our PRA violated DOD and DA directives got 3.00 and 1 share. Well except for this year when the PRA changed the pay pool rules in violation of both agencies, never provided said rules to us, but I got 2 shares with my valued performer 3.00 rating. Funny how I could earn two cash on the spot awards in 2009 totaling over $5k, yet be rated most of a full point under the pay pool average, just by not writing my evaluation as an English fiction paper.
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  • NSPS return from the deep
    I was one of those transitioned into NSPS as part of Congress mandate. I'd joined the agency two weeks before the transition. The business section had been studying NSPS for months. The paypool process was byzantine at best, but somehow I ended up over a 15 step 10 in the first pay pool review. I left the agency (NSPS was a collateral factor but not the most important) and went to a non NSPS activity, losing the added money, being told unsympathetically that that was my problem. Now I'm seeing that those who had this added pay are being cushioned from the blow. Oh well, that's the breaks. The agency under NSPS pushed to do so to get more points with the then USD(AT&L), it was all about those SES being given extra notice. One of them got the SES Executive Award for the transition into NSPS, it seemed like a game with a lot of people's well being at stake. So now is that same SES going to get an Executive Award for undoing NSPS, well, my bet is that indeed she will. So see, someone will continue to benefit from NSPS.
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  • Under NSPS
    I earned or had been awarded far more than I would have in the GS system. Some people are going to get....well...screwed. Because they will be dropped back into the old GS system at a toped out GS level. I'm good, or so I think because I will be bumped up a level. But if you have to go back, you WILL lose money because you will not be able to advance anymore. The NSPS was a good system, a tad heavy on the paperwork side but that could have been addressed. Once again Unions and the demorcrats have to screw the good workers of the Government because of a few poor ones. Under the NSPS inless you were really really a substandard employee you would have gotten a decent bonus. Now I hear those in NSPS will NOT get a bonus or a raise in pay because all the money has been taken. this reallllly screws us because we will have to wait another year for any such actions to take place. Thank you Mr. O BAMA
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