1:41 am, May 24, 2015

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  • This will be hard the fact hurt
    deployed decoy
    Do you think they will cut the spousal education allowances. How about federally funded day care so a spouse that gets a job with a higher referral system that a disabled veteran can afford to work as that GS13 and still take a day off every month paid. That paid day off is spouses using nothing less than federally funded family readiness group funds, stormed Army Europe town hall meetings years ago. The grip, since they had been handed jobs as federal employees, they could not take any of the 13 training holidays a year. The answer, just show it as on duty and take the day off. Now I just question if any of this is one reason USARECENT recently attempted to break DOD Directives and reduce the level of health care for deployed feds that are funded with US tax money instead of the blood money Kuwait give the USA such as to allow them to continue to violate human rights. How about the dozens of times I have saw contractors making twice as much as a fed, living in the Hilton (vise on base for a $500 a day additional cost) because it is from a different color of money that the agency has a huge vat of that goes all but not audited. Or the several times I saw US contractors working in Germany without paying any income tax to any country, yet were not close to meeting the host nation exclusion laws. Then let us look at military COLA. I was making enough COLA as a GS12 to make my BMW payment, pay the insurance and purchase a $500 saving bond every month, but spending Euros locally at the market. A Caption living walking distance to the PX and Commissary and getting gasoline at $3.20 instead of $7.65 was making more COLA than me. Can anyone say pure fraud.
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  • A Leaner DoD?
    Norman's Mother
    Looks like DoD's finally cutting weapons vice personnel. This is not new...buyouts started in the mid-90's and many DoD agencies were under a hiring freeze until 2000. In my (former) agency, our admin people started disappearing so professionals had to write, edit and publish their own products. Money for employee's work-related college studies dried up, as did travel, training and even office supplies. Things are pretty bad when we have to buy our own paper and pencils. So now they say they want to get leaner but they're on a DoD-wide hiring binge. If DoD hadn't given the CSRS people the "here's your hat, what's your hurry" treatment maybe more of us would have stuck around. I can't get my head around any of this, but DoD needs to focus on their core business, which is winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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