4:15 am, May 28, 2015

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  • US Navy declares war on Sexual Harrassment and Assault
    Frankly I find the idea that the US Navy is taking a stand on SH and A a joke. While serving in the US Navy abroad I was repeatedly harrassed and brutally attacked while onboard ship, and when I reported it, and named my assailants it was quietly swept under the rug in a certain Admiral's office "7th fleet", to be exact. All that happened was my assailants when to SH classes for a period of ten days and I got a General Discharge. Lost my GI bill and benefits because I reported the events. They even forced me to sign a waiver saying that I would not push the issue up the chain of command to the base commander. I was brought into the XO's office and not allowed to leave until I signed it. The SIMEO, and two MA's were present. That is the war on SH and A in the Navy? Seems to me that the left hand doesn't kow what the right hand is doing.
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