3:53 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Just another brick in the wall..
    All of this protective legislation is legitimate... in the hands of a competent administration (which we haven't had for quite sometime). We really do need a system in place which can be used when an enemy launches an all out attack on our internet. Unfortunately, the reality is it will be another means to justify intrusions into the public privacy. They will be able to shut down any source 'they' deem as a threat. With this administration it could be G. Beck, or Hannity, etc. It just reminds me of 'Skynet' all over again.
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  • Nepalitano
    DHS should no be given any extraordinary powers as long as Nepalitano is running the place. She's as wrong headed and confused as a termite in a YoYo.
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