9:58 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Lead by example
    deployed decoy
    OK fine give me $25k to walk today instead of 2012 and start all my retirement earnings today and I am gone. Now prove you mean it and do the same. Cut you DC staff by 85% and the home state staff by 30%, order the survivers to work off the clock when they hit 40 hours a week and refuse to accept any allowances for US Mail, travel and meals. And I will start to beleive you and the rest of congress that spends MILLIONS of other peoples money, for a $185k a year job. Just what to you use to pay all those folks back anyway.
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  • Stupid Idea
    No jobs means no tax revenues coming in to the state and federal coffers = Bankrupcty.... stupid
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  • Dolts All
    I just keep marvelling at how uncreative and stupid these people are. . .
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  • WY First
    deployed decoy
    When smoke jumpers cannot be replaced, WY is first to watch the state (and national parks) burn. When the NWS cannot replace forecasters and the FAA cannot man the towers, it is WY first that lands commercial aircraft (if they will still fly to the state) by brail and hope someone else does not land at the same time. When the federal agency that cuts checks to states for federal land in lieu of taxes, it is WY first that will not receive this money when the staff is to short to get the work completed. West Yellowstone will die when the gate to the park is closed forever due to understaffing. Federal welfare checks will not be delivered for two reasons, the biggest that the USPO halts operations in the state for lack of staffing. Go ahead stupid elected officials in WY who dreamed this up, get it passed in a hurry.
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