4:35 am, May 28, 2015

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  • This is a silly question...
    This is like asking: 1) Does Charlie Daniels play a mean fiddle? 2) Do the Waltons take too long to say "good night?" 3) Does a 10 lb. bag of flour make a big muffin? 4) Is calling GEICO to insure your car really, really, really stupid?
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  • It is what it is
    Lisa Lisa
    Like it or not, "Strength is in numbers" (or something like that). That old adage means many things. When people have issues at work, one person cant stand alone because management looks at it as this is an issue that ONE person has. But when issues are brought to the forefront as a group..it does have weight (or strength) and surely always gets the attention. Not to mention, it makes retaliation much more difficult. This same adage also means that the union with the backing of it members can sway and get the attention of the big boys (our political leaders). The union when deciding to back a leader also stands to mean thousands of votes and THAT has strength. Like it or not, the game has to be played as presented in our current reality of how things get done in America as it relates to politics. Now I do say that this past election was really a sensational one because this country was (and still is) in deep do-do. That do-do didnt happen over night. EVERYONE was emotionally charged. People took stands and I really saw a few things that I could have done without this past election as the politicians were battling it out. This country is divided and divided by so many platforms. We voters collectively I think felt that we have had enough of how the game is played and the mud slinging. In part thanks to the internet and 21 st century technology, we know more about how politics are done than we did in the 60s-90s. I think its safe to say that we dont like it one bit. We want new blood that just wants to get the job done and not feel like politicians are paid hookers. Now the union took a real strong political position in an already sensative time where people are so over politics this past election. This I feel could have been better served by our union leaders to not be TOO involved. What ended up happening with those that are or were considering union, many got turned off in feeling that the unions were no better than the policians (crooked). Its a very delicate balancing act. As a union, we need union friendly politicians yet they cant come on too much as political necks that turn the head. Its good to have politicians in your BACk pocket, just make sure they arent in the front pocket.
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  • The Answer is Yes
    Kenny Ray
    ALL labor unions are too political. Lisa is partially correct, there is "strength in numbers" however that strength needs to be leveraged towards whoever our bosses are (or become during election cycles) That strength has no business trying to determine WHO management is. Unions should be restricted to working/fighting with WHOEVER is elected. I do not want any union I belong to telling me who I shuld vote for. They (unions) need to STAY OUT of the election process. If they are involved, even marginally, they become nothing more than lackies for whoever they support. I joined a union (AFGE) and unjoined as soon as they started throwing money at the Obama campaign. And I would have done the same thing if they had thrown that money at the McCain campaign. I don't want unions supporting MY candidates any more than I want them supporting someone else's. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
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  • I concur with Kenny
    Lisa Lisa
    I think Kenny and I are fairly thinking the same. I think overall, at this stage, many federal unions really and I am REALLY went full board as well as many unions in this last election more than any other. I do believe they felt there was a real need because under Bush or even McCain, the writing was on the wall that they were by no means a union comprimiser. Bush hated the unions, McCain hates the unions. The south is a right to work area-no unions. While that might sound good, its not. The wages are grossly low (I know..I lived it in the south). The only ones benefitting were the corporations and businesses. I can SOMEWHAT see why the unions really got involved this time-but I think they were overzealous in their approach and I think they did so without their members input..thats where I think they screwed up. If they felt they needed to put that sort of energy into a democrat, then I should have known all the reasons why and we as unions should have had a voice (or vote) within our unions as to whether WE as union brothers and sisters wanted to stand behind a politician. We should have also had a say as to the amount of contributions and costs we were willing to spend. I dont have any issue backing if it benefits unions..but I do have issue with the amount of time and money. That should have been "democratically" voted on.
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  • Are federal employee unions too policita? DA
    I was a member of the AFGE for over 30 years, right up until they began pushing the demacratic agenda. It seems to be get all you can, regardless of the price. I withdrew from the union when they began to praise Obama's healthcare debacle and they haven't let up since. Even after emailing them of my concerns, I was ignored so I keep my money now. The unions will be the death of this country, the auto industry is a good example of that. I live in southern Indiana where we have a very large Toyota plant. It's non-union but the pay is compatable with what auto union workers get paid. It's pretty simple, if you want to work, you work, if you don't somebody else will. The AFGE should stay out of politics.
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