9:58 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Never work
    deployed decoy
    I agree with most postings that this would never work, simply because they would just spend the difference on some new social plan or bridge to Hawaii. Not any different than in circa 1985 the INS conducted a nationwide amnesty plan for all illegals in the USA (but keyed to the country immediately south of the border). Leap forward 25 years and well the rest is history. Armed INS and Border Patrol agents now being told to look the other way and welcome packages are handed out in CA. I just hope one of these folks is from Iran, North Korea, or Israel crossing into CA (since AZ is in lock down) is armed to the teeth and Nancys district is the target. Solves several problems in that downwind plumb. And given Americans general apathy everyone would forget from NV east in a few weeks that CA use to be on the west coast.
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  • Part II
    deployed decoy
    Since we are going to open our borders wide and full to the south. I suggest we open them to everyone all the way around. It would amount to federal racial discrimination just to allow Spanish decedents from Mexico in. I know for a fact Bangladeshis, Shi Lankans and Filipinos would be more than overjoyed to work in the land of opportunity and freedom for around $150 a month. Think of how fast we could pay down the federal dept with contractors working 70 hours a week for $150 a month. Heck we could outsource the House, Senate and federal employees with the same laborers and pay off the debt this year. Better than paying down the debt, the illegal immigrant surge would slow to a trickle at $150 a month salaries for a live in nanny, driver and gardener all sharing the attic over the garage. Just like in the ME you could hold their passports for safe keeping, so they would not have any papers to leave home(or the attic) without you.
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  • already available
    I agree with deployed decoy and most of the others that this will never work; however, if folk wish to make contributions to reducing the national debt it is possible to do so today using Pay.Gov. Use the form on the Department of the Treasury link "Fed Debt - Public" to make a contribution using your credit or debit card.
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  • misdirected focus
    I am amused at the focus on federal workers as ponds for political purposes. Why isn't Eric Cantor so angry at the $9 billion dollars spent on Iraqi reconstruction that remains unaccounted. Is it because it was a member of his own party that was sitting in the White House when the money disappered? Now, he is a tiger when it comes to spending. What a joke!
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  • Where was this when the Repubs were in power?
    I read about all of these complaints about the spending. Where were the complaints about the deficits when the Republicans were in power? They gave large relatively permanent tax cuts for the wealthy on a per capita basis. The rest got some relatively permanent tax cuts on a permanent basis, but much were temporary tax cuts. The Republicans also cut the necessary increase in social spending and gave us the war in Iraq. The statements presented to justify the reasons turned out to be totally unproven. (This is not to state that Hussein was not a scumball. He was. So are others we are not overthrowing.) The results were large deficits during a time of relative prosperity. He also gave us a depression which we may or may not be coming out of. This depression is the reason the US is incurring such huge deficits. And now we need to spend our way out of this economic mess. Hopefully, during the next years of prosperity, we will pay down the deficit. See Keynes Theory
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