9:52 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • I am a Union Member and SO GLAD
    Lisa Lisa
    When I was at DoD under NSPS, we didnt have a union but I wish we did. I tried to get it going but failed miserably. Everyone hated NSPS, everyone whined, but the problem was, I dont think any of them really saw the movement AFGE took to kill NSPS. I dont think most workers are "plugged in" to federal news that affects them. Plus, you know, you have the ones at work who LOVE to complain yet do nothing..you know you have a few in your workplace dont you? In my current workplace, we decided collectively that we needed a union to protect us against our HR and our senior management. The HR person made no bones about it that they were there to serve senior management. Sr Management wanted to do what they wanted to do whether it was legal or not. Our senior team has NO experience with the federal work force or its regulations nor do they want to. So it was that combination that made it very easy for AFGE to come in. Since then, I have come to realize a few things: 1. At the very least, senior management should be required to watch an entire season of Judge Judy on some basic law. 2. Senior management should be required to read federal regulations that guide personnel and other federal regulations when it comes to "running shop" so to speak. 3. Senior Management should be required to go to classes that TEACH them how to read (and use) federal regulations. Its not that hard. There is Title 5, the FMR, and the FAR as some basic how-to regs. But they wont do it because then they cant play dumb and/or dont like any entity telling them what and how they must do things. I love being a part of a union. It forces management to be consistent, follow the regs and provide policies that are fair and accurate with transparency (dont you just love that buzz word?). Sometimes Big Brother is a good thing.
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  • Agree
    deployed decoy
    I think you meant CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) not FAR that governs contracting. But I have had the IG dig out the truth in the past. Apparenlty HR (local) and the higher CPAC are all allowed to make mistakes. Nevermind that in some cases these mistakes are a routine as Monday, they cannot be held accountable for mistakes. Maybe we should apply the FAR. Given as a contract oversight official we can be made to pay for everything wrong we do, say approve contractor overtime or purchases. I mean we PAY in after tax payroll deductions for that OT a COR messed up telling the vender to work. Yet even with written HR approval to work a holiday last year both the boss and me got our hindquarters torn up. NSPS was worse. The same team that violated DOD and DA regulations is given oversight authroity with no higher IG or HR to validate or police illegal activity. Because it is only a war crime if you lose, it is only a NSPS crime if congress fires the entire NSPS HR teams across this great nation. But at least you folks in the USA have FLSA to fall back on. Overseas FLSA was excluded such as not to make a special group of people (you know full overtime payments). Someone needs to extend this bit of code to contractos and tell them thay are less than American and do not deserve what Joe in Ohio gets.
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  • Will Never Go Union
    Years ago when I took a job as a letter carrier, the shop steward approached me about joining NALC. When I told him I was against unions and wouldn't join, he looked at me incredulously and asked: "What if you get in trouble?" My answer was: "I won't get in trouble. I came here to work". I didn't get in trouble and pocketed my hard earned dues instead of handing them over to a greedy and overpaid union exec. Fast forward to the present. NSPS had the right idea - actually providing pay raises/bonuses based on merit. Imagine: The lazy and unproductive didn't get much of a raise. In fact, they may have even been let go (saving the taxpayers money), while the go-getters got rewarded for their increased production (a boon to taxpayers). NSPS may have been a little too ambitious in scope, but at the same time workers tend to push back and resist any form of change. The unions should recognize the massive pensions (ponzi schemes) given to members are unsustainable and are now bankrupting states like, CA, NY, NJ, and IL. Unfortunately, recruitment is more about acquiring political power and lining their own pockets. Has anyone noticed the federal government's out of control spending? Yet government workers with their entitlement mentality whine looking for unions to continue providing annual pay raises and pensions that suck more life out of the already depleted treasury. As a DoD employee I'd take a pay freeze in a heartbeat and without complaint. A bankrupt USA is not an option.
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  • Nest is definitely anti union
    You were lucky to never get in trouble. As a letter carrier, you could get false accusations against you. Supposed management did not believe you. Then what do you do? Of course you would go to the union and have them represent you even if you do not pay dues. The union is not for the people who do not work. It is for those who are treated unfairly by management for whatever reason. Fast forward. If NSPS was objective, it might have been okay. If it was subjective, then you are at the mercy of your manager. We all know that the same work can be graded at various levels depending on the whims of the manager. That determines your pay under NSPS. I cannot comment about state pensions. I will comment about federal pensions. I contribute 7% of my pay towards my pension. The government should match it timely. That should cover my pension when I retire. Therefore, my pension should not bankrupt the government. the out of control spending is caused, to a great degree, by the depression we have suffered or are suffering. I do not know if we are out of it or not. We do not participate in massive raises during times of relative prosperity. So why should we participate during the times of economic hardship? I am curious to know where you get the idea that unions give us pay raises and pensions. To the best of my knowledge that is donme by the President and Congress. We also do not have the right to stike or binding arbitration. I am curious to know where you got the idea of unions doing this.
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  • pay
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - More U.S. employers expect to pay higher salaries to new hires as demand for professional staff improves with a stronger economy, a semiannual survey by Dice Holdings Inc (DHX - News) found.
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