10:38 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • TSA is a thankless job!
    Dr. Emma Garrison-Alexander came into a very difficult situation when she arrived at TSA in may 2009. She has handled herself extremely well, proving herself as an effective leader in a place where people are resistent to be led. With unfunded and not well-defined mandates from its parent orgainziation (DHS), misconceptions of TSA not being able to do their jobs thus creating frustration and a high turnover rate amoungst a larger number of field workers, the Office of Information Technology has maintained high percentage when they could have packed up and left for other opportunities. But they stayed because they felt like change might be coming. Change is coming and has started to manifest itself slowly. More still needs to be done, but the approach is thoughtful and measured. In a world that is always changing, TSA has remain flexible. She is working diligently to ensure the TSA conforms to the direction of the DHS wtih respect to technology and how information is protected. The biggest frustration that one has when you are a part of an organization like this is that you can't "toot your own horn" when you do something really well. We are fighting a war on terrorism and because of people like Dr. Garrison-Alexander, you go through you every day lives not even giving that a second thought. She's working to make you trip through the airport terminal faster and to relax restrictions through better technology that she supports. That's what the public sees, but for the .001% of preceived breaches in security, remember that millions... millions of people travel on planes every day. The effort and the results of that effort that Dr. Garrison-Alexander puts forth everyday is never going to be seen by the public. In fact, if you never here her name again at TSA.... means she is doing a pretty darn good job.
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