10:25 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Do as Kuwait
    deployed decoy
    It is real simple here in Kuwait. The Govt blocks it all, not a miss ever. They also block anything else they find not compatible with a dictator ran slave state. In the Arab Times times today they are going to start monitoring all BlackBerry communications, just in case someone says something bad against the Govt. They have been blocking my home outbound email SMPT for a year. America could do this also. The fact that some call it free speech or pursuit of happiness a small hurdle to overcome. But also in Kuwait just for trying to hit a porn site more than accidently once or twice in a year. Will result in uniformed policy knocking down your front door, taking away your computer and at least 3 days in a 40 square meter jail cell with 39 other people with a hose turned on 4 times a day for water (no toilets), While they conduct forensics on your computer. Everyone should have it so good and pure.
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  • Do as Kuwait?
    Tea Partier
    The frightening thing is, the current administration would have no problem monitoring the communications of anyone who they say is criticizing the government. They are already accusing anyone who criticizes the policies of this President of being un-American. They are "post-Constitution". "That's just an old obsolete document written by a bunch of rich white guys 200 years ago". As Ron Bloom, the manufacturing czar, put it so eloquently "We generally agree with Mao, that power comes from the barrel of a gun". Doesn't it make you proud to be living in America today, where you are called a racist if you criticize the government?
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  • Monitor things?
    The government has the right to monitor your computer during work hours. You are notified of this during computer warm ups. You are definitely an unthinking anti Obama person. The patriot Act is the most obtrusive law I have heard of. It allows monitoring for suspicions. Bush and company had people monitored without following proper procedures. You could be jailed without due process and be deprived of a lawyer. You could be tortured for information. The law was passed by a republican president and congress. and you call the president post constitutional? This is not 1984 and newspeak was never adopted as a language. I doubt that the administration says you are unamerican if you criticise Obama's policies. Of course, if you call Obama a traitor and disrupt government functions, or do not allow others to speak, then that is another story. Of course, you like to twist things to suit your needs. An example is almost calling me a nazi because I am pro choice.
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  • Porn?
    Sleepless G
    First obesity and now pornorgraphy!!!! Is it a true problem or an overblown issue of a few. Come to think of it at my last agency a guy was viewing all types of photos on his computer. I can see him smiling now, like there was nothing wsrong with it. I also heard of an ex-serviceman acquaintance of mine who got fired in D.C. for viewing porn at work. Like sexual harrassment, I guess some just don't get it. Let me take a peek at the guys screen sitting next to me.
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  • Here's the scary thing
    FERS Fed
    On my office computer, an MS Windows machine, there are 30 other specific user profiles. So while I am the regular everyday user of this PC, at least 30 other people have logged onto this machine at one time or another. If any of them used this PC for viewing porn, guess who would be the most likely suspect if the porn files were discovered on this machine?
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  • Porn
    I don't know how these guys even get int the porn, unless through e-mails. We can't get into any of those sites, let alone facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. The government can and at times does see everything you do. Be it e-mails or internet access. I have a friend who works for a nucular facility in Idaho. If you go into a porno site, you get one click. That is to get out, or you are automatically terminated!! As in immediately. Their computers watch for access to those sites. You are also terminated if you fall asleep at work. I am not sure how important that is for the secretary of HR or similiar, but I guess if you monitor the reactors, or man the switch they don't want you sleeping on the job. By the way, this is a private contractor, not the government.
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  • Key marks on the forehead
    deployed decoy
    Linda, Yep Arco Idaho was the 1st town on the planet with electrict lights from Nuc power. Your friend must like the desert, INEL is hours from the nearest village. I hazard to guess they are a US Govt contract given the mission at INEL. But I do like your sleeping on the job comment. I wonder how they monitor that. Maybe set the screen saver to 10 minutes and if it goes on. Bang your fired pops up. The real thing is every federal agency I know of uses software to block these sites. Thus anyone who is hitting porn at work is just as wrong as the agency manager and IT staff for not policing the agency.
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  • porn viewers
    Dale Armstrong
    At EPA, we used to have a warning screen that would pop up if we stumbled onto an inappropriate site. It might be even more effective if a horn went off and the speaker loudly announced, "Warning, Will Robinson."
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