7:42 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Just figure this out did you
    deployed decoy
    Mr. Thibault I must assume has been in the same cave as Bin Laden for the last decade. Let me think of a few contract problems I can recount that has placed the entire planet at risk. CACI Inc. was hired by a not to be named federal agency using a RFID radio contract to procure interrogators. Problem was these interrogators were the human kind instead of the radio that reads the radio frequency tag. These guys were the ones that issued orders in Iraq prisons to Soldiers to loosen up the bad guys with dogs before they beat the truth out of them. Those Soldiers are still in jail in some cases, while CACI runs the contract management office in Kuwait today. The CSA security guards on Camp Arifjan can have as many a FOUR felony violations and still man a crew served machine gun at the front gate. CSA has replaced KBR as the thief of choice in the ME, they have not performed a few other contracts to the PWS like operations and maintenance but heck that was only a $3M contract that the Director of Public Works forgot to obligate in 2009 and was lost to that black hole where money goes that is not obligated by 30 Sept each year. In Germany US federal tax free contractors enter the EU in France to avoid German Port of Entry and thus with very senior Army Europe Management knowledge are involved in international income tax evasion. Then add in the little Black Water thing, change the name to Xe and back in business killing civilian locals in the Middle East. Slaves from Bangladesh clean Soldiers bathrooms in Kuwait and never get paid as the Arab that holds the contract pockets the entire contract award, while at the same time the US Army accepts millions of dollars from the slave state of Kuwait Govt to protect this life style. Need a few more examples, just ask
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