8:00 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Telework bill or no bill..I dont see my agency budging
    Lisa Lisa
    There is no way in H-E double toothpicks my semi-quasi fed govt agency will allow teleworking. The "quasi" part of our agency is not govt. and in charge of fed workers..and the money. I dont see them on board. If they were, we would already be teleworking. They took away CWS for all new hires for crying out loud. Working at my agency is like working in a funeral parlor. They are interested in the fed money they receive, not about cohesiveness. This is also why we got a union in there. Rest assured they will find a loop hole and find some off the cuff reason why we cant telework. Granted not EVERYONE can do so, but there is atleast 30-40% that can. They wont do it because the other 60-70% used to have CWS and they took that away so they for sure wont permit teleworking for others. Rest assured, we will be bringing all of this up at our union meeting.
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