6:30 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Pass the Buck
    deployed decoy
    I formally asked OPM to review NSPS. Some of the problems I noted was that Army G1 retaliated against me (attempted to have my security clearance revoked), my pay pool violated DOD, DA and Army Europe polices, directives and procedures every year I was in this mess and the most recent issue that DOD has now directed all Feds in the Middle east not to reconvert. My immediate GS14 (YC03) told me the pay pool was fair, naturally that was verbal and the only thing he could say having sat on the 2010 pay pool that violated procedures of every higher HQ above them. Given the rest of my pay pool will reconvert in less than a month and both Bob in Italy and John in Germany will immediately receive a 10% salary increase since they are IT professionals, we in ME will continue to have our wages suppressed under NSPS and no pay pool to join, hence no NSPS pay out for 2 years to come. Does anyone else want to file a federal class action against the brain dead folks that dreamed up NSPS and then left it to each local agency to bend, break and invent new rules as they went along behind closed doors and never disclosing the business rules they invented or modified. The following are some excerpts from the formal OPM answer I received this week (this is actually Rock Island IL Army CPAC setting the stage for what OPM or at least DOD NSPSTO should be doing). (I do have the DAIG all over it, but alas since it just might mean the DA G1 or Secretary of the Army gets fired, I have no faith in a real investigation): OPM has referred your inquiry to Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA) for response. OPM does not oversee, administer or establish NSPS guidelines or specific policies nor are they involved in DOD's transition out of NSPS. Your questions and concerns regarding the NSPS performance appraisal and compensation systems can be addressed by your chain of Command. your Command followed their own policies but it is not appropriate for CHRA to police or regulate the various Commands For the record, I do not have the authority to elevate your concerns/inquiry to DA G1… NSPS will soon cease to exist, I encourage you to focus on the future and opportunities that might present themselves and what positive contributions you might make to the mission that you are supporting.
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  • The NSPS Paper Chase
    I am one of those Feds who made out pretty well under NSPS. Without room for promotion, I was stuck as a GS-12, Step 10. But under NSPS I got pay raises in recognition of a job well done. Still, I am not too unhappy abut NSPS going away. Under NSPS, my performance evaluation went from 2-3 pages to about 24 pages. The time I spent, my team leader spent, my supervisor spent and his supervisor spent in completing this evaluation likewise increased. During the performance review period, there was very little mission related work being performed.
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  • NSPS
    I think the raises for the first people under NSPS were probably way high to show how well the program worked. There is no way the Governement was going to pay more than 50% the Federal Employees 9% raises each year. When the rest of us peons went on the program, my guess is everyone, but a select few would have remained stagnant or got raises less than we get now.
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