5:06 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Pay Cut?
    This article doesn't exactly reveal who is 'asking' about this. The Administration? OPM? Disgruntled private sector workers? The guy in the third stall in the men's room? How about qualifying this a bit more before generating "angst" and confusion among Federal employees, particularly new hires! I heard that Federal News Radio is considering letting some of it's outdated and outmoded 'reporters' go because they're still resurrecting the same old ghosts and goblins when it's a slow news day!
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  • Just do it
    deployed decoy
    I suggest everyone based in the lower 48 and non foreign overseas simply for the next 5 years be paid at the same salary rate as Feds in the war zone. This base salary rate is about 14% below RUS, 24% below DC and 35% below San Francisco. I mean reduced salaries and forced NSPS that prevented special rate salaries from being paid is good enough for us in the war zones, it should be good enough for the folks in the beltway that make up the rules.
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