11:24 am, May 23, 2015

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  • No Cal COLA
    I understand how the COLAs are computed. I'm a CSRS retiree. In the last year, gas has increased almost 85 cents a gallon(40%), my home/car insurance rates by 15%, and my property taxes by 4%. So, I don't believe the BLS zero inflation baloney. Time to come up with another more true formula.
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  • No-cal COLA
    JR Samples
    The COLA is based on the average CPI-W for the third quarter of each year (July, August, September). Although the average CPI-W for the third quarter was 215.495, the average for the year was only 211.053. The average so far this year (January - April) is 213.149.
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  • No COLA?
    Don't know what's really going on here. Health insurance premium went way up; Medicare premium went way up; long term care insurance premium went way up, and so did many other costs. Whoever is figuring the COLA does not know what they are doing.
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  • NSPS Grade is salary based
    deployed decoy
    Read the below off the CFR. In short if you hold a position in NSPS and the salary is or exceeds step 4 of the next higher grade, you are NON-COMP to that higher grade. Thus evan though I will reconvert (one day) to GS12 (step 12) I will always be able to put GS13 as high grade held. I think Linda or Lisa noted on this blog that they jumped out of NSPS and the new agency reduced grade. Depends on that salary but the agency might have messed up. Whats new. § 300.605 Creditable service. (a) All service at the required or higher grade (or equivalent) in positions to which appointed in the Federal civilian service is creditable towards the time periods required by §300.604 of this part, except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section. Creditable service includes competitive and excepted service in positions under the General Schedule and other pay systems, including employment with a nonappropriated fund instrumentality. Service while on detail is credited at the grade of the employee's position of record, not the grade of the position to which detailed. Also creditable is service with the District of Columbia Government prior to January 1, 1980 (or prior to September 26, 1980, for those District employees who were converted to the District personnel system on January 1, 1980). (b) Service in positions not subject to the General Schedule (GS) is credited at the equivalent GS grade by comparing the candidate's rate of basic pay with the representative rate (as defined in §351.203 of this chapter) of the GS position in effect when the non-GS service was performed. The equivalent GS grade is the GS grade with a representative rate that equals the candidate's rate of basic pay. When the candidate's rate of basic pay falls between the representative rates of two GS grades, the non-GS service is credited at the higher grade. (c) In applying the restrictions in §300.604 of this part, prior service under temporary appointment at a level above that of a subsequent nontemporary competitive appointment is credited as if the service had been performed at the level of the nontemporary appointment. This provision applies until the employee has served in pay status for 52 weeks under nontemporary competitive appointment; thereafter, the service is credited at its actual grade level (or equivalent).
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  • Another No-Cal COLA for Retirees
    Apparently utility rate increases and the constantly rising cost of food, medicine and other necessities aren't included in the formula, either.
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