1:53 am, May 26, 2015

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  • In the jungle, the mighty jungle
    Lisa Lisa
    The lion sleeps tonight? I think not! Sounds like it was a wonderful trip and a nice way to De-Washington yourself. When I moved to the "metro area", I found I had little time. I work 8 hrs a day, as I did when I lived in Florida, but what was so mystifying was, how come I find I have less time than I did in Florida? How was it that I didnt have that personal time I had when I lived there? Was I unaware that when you move to this area that what was once a 24-hour day felt like I lost 4 hrs somewhere? And..since when was it illegal in DC to smile and say HELLO! at passerbys on a sidewalk? I came from Florida where I guess people are always friendly and happy. You could say HELLO! How are you? to strangersl and guess what Mike,? They actually answered you and here is the bigger shocker..THEY SMILED! I still smile and say hello to perfectly good strangers in DC in the hopes of spreading good karma and also in the hopes that people would smile back and pay it forward. How is it that in this rather big population of govt workers that non- gov people claim to know so much about my life as a federal worker? I had no idea that people could dislike someone earning a living and actually publicize (did I spell that right? Doesnt look like it..oh well!) it in newspapers, chats, blogs, TV and radio. What is this jungle that I live in? Maybe it was the fact that I had the ocean to go to, to cleanse my mind and relax. Maybe its the pollen and smog and sitting in hrs of traffic in this area that makes people forget that its ok to be nice to people, spread good cheer and be happy for others. I am glad you found a pocket of people that are happy go lucky and appreciative of their neighbors and pride in what they do and not trying to chop them down. I am glad that harmony exists in other parts of our country. I look forward to your movie. Perhaps the Kennedy Center would produce your experience as a broadway musical! I think you could be in it if you can dance and sing! Have a great weekend to all fellow readers. Spend less time trying to compare your job and life to someone elses. Smile and say hello to a few strangers. Maybe they will see that it ok and pay it forward. Maybe you will be rewarded with a pulled pork sammie!
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  • Go west young man
    deployed decoy
    Well for one thing define our language. Were they speaking Spanish, French (as is the country up north of US) or possibly the ruling language of the worlds money supply, Chinese. Then you sure did not see the real world. Had you have, you might have dined on such favorites as mountain oysters or deep fried tweekies. Maybe if you were real lucky you may have sampled bear stew. You never left civilization, just went to a different urban center. The deep dark woods are much further west, across the BIG mountains, way past all the buffalo bones of the prairie and dirty water of the RED river that I should note when English becomes the official language will cause a state and river to change names from Colorado. I won’t even touch on this family web site, the English translation of Grand Teton National Park.
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