10:46 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • hired more than 3,000 employees
    deployed decoy
    Yes the 3000 is true for this agency. But if anyone is attempting to sell folks on the idea that DOD hired 3000 hungry and unemployed off the street it is a mistake. Not having any real and driect numbers, I can estimate 60%-70% of these new hires were federal in service to start with, 90% of the rest would be the contractors that would have lost their job. Ill bet fewer than 200 people are new to the Govt purchasing program, and many will as I said have benn contractos sworn to to never disclose what their company was up to anyway. Kind of like how CACI Inc was highered off a RFID radio contract as radios, but then beat the truth out of folks in Iraq so Soldiers could go to jail for taking orders from the contractor to use dogs to loosen them up.
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