6:59 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • You know you're getting old when.....
    Lisa Lisa
    You know you're getting old when you have been through at LEAST 2 or more catchy buzz word management styles tried out in the fed government. When I was in the military..remember TQM -thats Total Quality Management? Now, I was an Air Traffic Controller back then (OMG I said "back then" I am so getting old now). I gotta tell ya, if as an ATC'er you dont have QUALITY..well...you're in deep do-do and so are those passengers! So back to those pesky little management styles that caught on and those that havent or didnt. So lets see...I have been through TQM, E-govt, CWS (thank god for that one!), tele-working (not loved by all yet!), Lean Sigma Six (still in use but barely), benchmarking, are there any more that I have missed over the last 20 yrs? Probably..but it makes me laugh at some of the things we have tried over the years. Some have come out to be quite useful.
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  • ROWE, ROWE, ROWE your boat. . .
    life is but a dream. Back in 2002, I dreamed that I would actually get to telework before I retired. ROWE would be even better. But if we can't even make telework happen without a struggle, what are the odds that ROWE will happen? Oh, and since when have productive and happy employees been important to the government? Oh, well, a girl can dream . . . .
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  • Trusted workers?
    Government has a number of problems. Workers that can't be fired for not working. Too many workers and not enough work. Too much work and not enough workers. Too many layers of management. Too much empire building. Too much red tape. In short, getting people to work on goals is going to be difficult. They will just stretch those jobs out forever.
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  • Micro-measuring
    At my job we have staff who sole job is to manage time codes. One project can have dozens of them. I've even seen such codes as - the amount of time preparing to write a requirements document. It's all designed to measure what we are doing every hour of the day. Of course we will never convince management that the data is inaccurate. Who can remember that level of detail of what they where doing every hour of the pay period, especially when working on multiple projects? It requires an hour each pay period figuring out what time code to charge to (there's no time code for that) or the employee just enters a best guess.
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