2:49 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Why doesn’t USPS capitalize on (Solar) Power Purchase Agreements?
    Postal Sanity
    The USPS's just-released 2009 sustainability report highlights a 9 percent drop for energy consumption from buildings and vehicles. Sounds very nice, but this change may be partially attributed to climate fluctuation and declining mail volumes. However, there are better ways for USPS to save cost and energy. USPS should take a good look at (Solar) Power Purchase Agreements. They provide positive cash flow from day one with no up-front capital cost. An additional benefit is a public green image and USPS following up on what some may call a promise. After all, USPS has declared the goal reducing greenhouse gas emission by 20% Unlike USPS, other public institutions have come to realize the advantages of (Solar) Power Purchase Agreements. More details can be found here. http://postalsanity.com/2010/05/why-doesnt-usps-capitalize-on-solar-power-purchase-agreements/
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