6:23 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • I'm with ya Mike!
    Lisa Lisa
    Its Monday O'330 AM. I do make Federal News Radio part of my workweek routine M-F! That being said, it is a challenge to keep readership interesting and lively. I think part of the formula for readership is, finding or having new news. Lets face it, right now the topic for the last few months has been FEHB changes, OPM changes, Teleworking as the main driving forces. But maybe we need Monday Morning Free For All. As a fed gov employee (and a union paying member!), what interests and affects my world may or may not be interesting to others. One of my biggest issues I have in the Federal Government these last few years (and I have chimed in a few times when the topic bares some interjection) is the decline or death of the role of HR Specialists at institutions. So my "Free For All" starts there. What ever happened to our beloved and once helpful onsite HR specialists of yesteryear? Where have they all gone? I do recall them always having chalk full of information that we could turn to them for. When it came to health or retirement assistance, they actually HELPED you. When it came to providing rules and regulations about federal employee rights, there were there. Now, you email them, and they provide you a website which when you read between the lines means: Here read it yourself; I got nothing more to add. My other issue is, HR seems to be there as a tool for management not as a neutral entity that provides information. I will say that this was the BIGGEST reason the union exists in our agency. Its not that we expect HR to take a side, but I think it should be the entity that guides both employee and management in doing the right thing legally within the bounds of established federal regulations. I wonder if the question was asked of readers: How many of you feel that Management does what they want and not necessarily the legal right way when it comes to establishing policy, leave, training opportunities, promotions, demotions, etc? I dont expect HR to take a side, but I do expect them to yell FOUL BALL! when anyone does something that isnt within regulations. If there is a flawed policy that contradicts regs, union contracts, etc., HR should point those things out. But you see, as long as Management is the HR Spec's boss, they are placed in a positon of siding with management...it IS who butters their bread. So there! Hows that for a Monday morning thought! Thanks Mike! (ps..spell check not used!)
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