6:27 am, May 28, 2015

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  • What about the Amish?
    Ten years from now the use of computers and access might be nearly universally available, but keep on might that some groups will never be integrated into the modern world. Case in mind is the Amish. They have rejected 'modern' technology. Yet policy makers sometimes forget them (and others). If the internet will be used to collect some of the data, make certain the old fashion mail is still available as a back-up.
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  • Reply Abuse Vote
    Census is authorized by Congress under USC TItle 13. Read it: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode13/usc_sup_01_13.html (or search for U.S.C. Title 13) There is NO legal authorization for a "survey." It is a CENSUS. There is NO legal authorization for a population census every YEAR. It is 10 YEARS. There is NO legal requirement for a Citizen to respond to ACS. Read the Title, where is it? Not only is this illegal, but the 2010 Census is illegal, because although Office of Management and Budget (OMB) did issue a Control Number to Census, CENSUS IS NOT USING IT ON THE FORM/house to house survey, therefore the collection is ILLEGAL. Census is spreading false information as to the penalty for not responding, Director Groves, in a letter to Congressman Doc Hastings, stated it was $5000. Law says "not more than $100" This false information also appears on the Census website. Census is asking questions of RACE which are not permitted by Law. It is irrelavent to a Census of Enumeration whether one is Hispanic. Unless one wants to make the Census RACIST. 2 questions: 1.) Why? 2.) Why arent the Media investigating this?
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  • This administration doesn't care about the Constitution
    Do you really think that Obama and his minions give a damn about the Constitution when they do EVERYTHING possible to ignore the very document that they swore to uphold?
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  • Yeah yeah...
    David L
    Look, you don't seem to care if you are counted, and that is fine. Feel free to continue to think it is a great big conspiracy, because frankly it is - it is a conspiracy to make sure that you are properly represented in the Congress of the United States. If you do not want to be represented, then please, continue blathering, because those of us that DO wish to be represented have filled out the form, sent it in and moved on. Maybe in 10 years time, they will just count tax forms. It certainly would be faster, and you wouldn't have to worry about it at all, since I suspect you also don't bother to pay your taxes - as they are also "illegal." If you want to get technical about it.
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  • The General Accountability Office disagrees,,,
    The GAO performed an analysis of the legality of the ACS back in '02 at the request of Congress, and concluded that "For the reasons set forth (in the report), the Bureau has authority under 13 U.S.C. ยงยง 141 and 193 to conduct the American Community Survey. The Bureau also has authority to require responses from the public to this survey. " The full report is at http://www.gao.gov/decisions/other/289852.htm
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  • OMB number is on the 2010 census form
    If you look under question 4 on the 2010 form, the OMB control number (0607-0919-C) is printed there. See: http://www.census.gov/schools/pdf/2010form_info.pdf
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  • Census and internet
    It's time for the Federal government to use 21st century technology to curtail some of the costs to the American taxpayer. There are a lot of other programs the Feds could streamline by using computers. As far as the Amish and other isolated communities being willing or able to use the internet the census would have to be conducted the old fashined way, in person, with paper and a real human being asking questions and submitting ahard copy form. This latter process still would save taxpayers billions of dollars of misspent money.
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  • I did not get counted this year
    deployed decoy
    Well I left Idaho in May 2000 as a federal employee to go to Kosovo. My German national wife and two US born sons moved a month later to Germany, my formal duty assignment. I worked at two different agencies in Germany over the next 8 years. At one point INS refused to allow my wife into the USA on official travel orders and carrying a valid US military fereral employee dependent ID card. I got her in, but only after INS told me the three federal laws and how to violate those laws to get her in. Then Idaho would not renew my drivers license as we had sold our home when we moved. Even better than that I could not purchase a fishing license in Idaho to take my kids out to the lake. I did get the drivers license renewed, but only after the LT Governor called the chief of DVM. Now I am in Kuwait, the family abandoned by the US Govt in Germany as the Govt would not move them to the USA when I came here. They have no ID cards, the kids are illegal in Germany. I cant make this up. In any case I sure was never counted, but I bet several who do not have legal status in Nancys district sure were.
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  • Validity of the count?
    David L
    I am not sure, unless a lot more is done to secure the system and verify that people are only counted once, that the Internet, especially a web form, is the right way to do this. I understand the cost issues, but what are you going to use to verify that people only filled it in once (or didn't fill it in at all?) You cannot use Social Security numbers. I suppose you could send out a post card with a "checksum" but if you are going to to that, the cost of a machine readable form is about the same from a mailing standpoint. Yes, it cost money to scan it in, but if you are only asking for a numerical value, it should not be that big a deal. I think there has to be a lot more thought put into this before I would be willing to be congressional redistricting on it. And frankly, that is exactly what is at stake.
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