6:14 pm, May 22, 2015

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    Managers must understand that, under the new approach, they will have to have a lot more "skin" in the hiring process, i.e., they will need as a group to invest a lot more of their own time and non-HR staff resources in the process. While many have long been active in the recruiting and examining process, e.g., participating in outreach recruiting efforts, being actively involved in the job analysis process and serving as subject matter experts, etc., my own observation over many years of work in the Federal HR arena is that the many more shun such activities, with the typical attitudes being "that's what I have a HR staff for" and "I'm paid to manage, not to schmooze with kids on campus." The key point, and one which the more perceptive among agency mangement cadres have learned, is that the recruitment and development of the human capital needed to meet their mission goals is indeed an essential part of the overall management process. To use a military term, many managers will have to undergo a serious "attitude adjustment" in this regard. Another challenge will be to ensure that the new changes will indeed enable the faster indentification and hiring of high quality candidates. The banning of the use of KSA narratives in favor of more streamlined application procedures to speed the process, such as the use of resumes, however,comes at a price. Such supplemental narratives were intended to provide crucial information regarding indiovidual applicants' backgrounds as they related to the duties of a given announced vacancy, thereby providing the means to make key qualifications and ranking determinations. Not having such applicant information available up front will present a challenge, one in which line managers will have to participate very actively in overcoming.
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